Thursday, 19 January 2012

TAN holds successful quarterly meeting, and is excited to be involved in ITS UK

TAN held a successful quarterly meeting last week followed by a very enjoyable New Year lunch: our excuse to extend the festive season just that bit longer. Many TAN people are currently very busy on projects which meant that a few of our 25 members were unable to attend.  
A key item on the agenda was a visit from Jennie Martin, Secretary-General of ITS UK, who welcomed TAN as a Foundation Member of ITS UK and told us about the organisation's role and objectives.  Although a few members of TAN are already members of ITS UK, the new involvement of TAN itself as a member of ITS UK enables it to put forward a view from the SME sector and will hopefully assist ITS UK in being even more effective in representing the ITS community within the UK.

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